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Contractor's Corner: A COVID-19 Tale

con•trac•tor | /'kän trakter, ken 'trakter/

a person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job

I had never been a contractor before, but when an opportunity to work at a large company comes, you have to take it (in my opinion). When I embarked on my most recent employment venture at Hulu, I knew that I had 3 months to prove myself and try to stick at the company in a permanent role. What ended up happening was I had a month on-site and ended up working for home for a few weeks, then my contract was prematurely terminated with about a month to go.

Completely understandable during the economic times and I feel like I made connections that will help me in the future, but this is more about what I have now chosen to do with my time. Those memes going around about not wasting your quarantine are a bit extreme, but since my contract ended I feel like I have no excuse. I have time to expand my personal brand and gain new skills that can help clients out in the future, namely Facebook Blueprint and Google Ads.

The contract was a great opportunity and I would do it all over again, but what this COVID-19 situation has taught me is to be adaptable. In the words of one of my friends in this Liz Marie, the greatest challenges can often spark the greatest creations. I intend to use this time to get better and create, and I think we all should in whatever way possible.

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