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A Campaign Worth Talking About: Nike's "Beginnings"

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Nike and Lebron James have added to their legacy with a television spot that celebrates the man Lebron James has become and the strides he has made using his platform as an elite athlete.

With Lebron narrating, Nike takes us on a visual journey through Lebron's hometown of Akron, Ohio. It speaks to his experience coming from his own humble upbringing in Akron with his mother Gloria and his growth into one of the most recognizable sports stars worldwide. Nike signed Lebron to a $1 billion contract in 2015, giving him the opportunity to pay his success forward to future generations via his I Promise School in Ohio.

After he has talked through his story and video chatted with students at the school, the spot cuts back to Lebron and he states, "You know what would be really special? If there were no more humble beginnings." This spot has added tremendously to the commitment Nike has made to social responsibility, but, more importantly, has me working on ways to eliminate the barriers to entry around me too.

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